Hearing loss

Hearing loss can affect anybody of all ages and has many causes, and many of us don’t take steps to address our loss for some time. Usually, it will take over 7 years from the beginning of a hearing loss to when we take action and have our hearing checked. In that time, you may notice such communication problems as:

  • people seem to mumble
  • avoiding social situations where conversations are taking place
  • asking people to repeat themselves
  • turning up televisions and radios

There are different types of hearing loss, some that can be rectified with surgery, and others that can be helped by using a hearing device.

If you or a family member are familiar with any of these, or other communication difficulties, we advise contacting earhealth Hearing Specialists to have your hearing checked. Our no obligation consultations with one of our highly trained clinicians are fast, easy and close to you.